South Guelph Family Home | 7 Darling Cres.

South Guelph Family Home | 7 Darling Cres.



When thinking about this property the feature that surfaces so often is versatility. This home, as it sits, is definitely a lovely family home and no changes are needed, however, at the same time there is so much potential! There is so much room to expand and an adapt to the ever changing needs of your family. For instance, the large second bedroom can easily be split with a wall, creating an extra bedroom (It was designed this way). The loft area can also be changed. Want a play area and an office or 4th bedroom? Just add a wall. Now look at the finished basement with it’s large rec room and huge windows. Want another bedroom? You guessed it… add a wall. I have never seen a property that is so easily manipulated to fit the changing needs of a family and with such little time and energy. In total you could have a 5 bedroom home with very little effort. Why not move here and enjoy this marvellous and spacious home in one of the best communities in the area? Come experience this home in person.

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