The Township of Centre Wellington was formed in 1999 with the amalgamation of a variety of townships, the Town of Fergus and the Village of Elora.  The growing township is split by the beautiful Grand River and also enjoys the waters of Belwood lake and the Elora Gorge.

Elora and Fergus are the most populated areas of Centre Wellington and take pride in maintaining their small town feel, deep culture and historical buildings while continuing to develop and grow quite rapidly.  The stunning Downtowns date back over 175 years and are constructed from the natural locally available limestone.  They offer a variety of outstanding local food, shops, galleries, fairs, festivals, horse racing, workshops and other entertainment.

If you’re looking for an outdoor experience, Belwood, Elora and Fergus can provide tubing, kayaking, biking, swimming, fishing, hiking, camping or even ziplining.  To get a full experience of Elora and Fergus you can visit and choose your own adventure.

The real estate market continues to thrive with consistent growth, development and rising prices in Centre Wellington.  The secret is out and the future is bright for this beautiful township.